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Sensowash shower toilet

Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. This is why Philippe Starck and Duravit developed Sensowash ® a pioneering innovation in the world of shower toilet seats that redefines comfort, quality of life and modern toilet hygiene, from gentle cleaning to pleasant drying, all operated by a remote control.

Senosowash ® by Philippe Starck is the ultimate comfort shower toilet manufacturerd by Duravit. Featuring concealed connection, all the functions of Senosowash ® Starck are operated by remote control. Starting with the motor-operated toilet lid and toilet seat that open and close on command. Thanks to the silent closing technology, they can also be closed gently by hand. The heated toilet seat feels pleasant to the touch and its temperature can be individually controlled. A sensor makes sure that it doesn't get too hot.

After using the toilet, simply select the desired function – Rearwash, Comfortwash or Ladywash – and enjoy the pleasant cleaning with warm water. This is followed by a gentle flow of warm, drying air. Water temperature, water volume, nozzle position and drying temperature are all individually adjustable. For added convenience, personal preferences can be stored in two different user profiles. Even though the remote control is completely intuitive; for reassurance, the bracket contains quick reference to the operating instructions – a particularly useful feature when Sensowash ® Starck is used in hotels.

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